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The Chaosium Digest supports the role-playing games produced by Chaosium Inc. and all content is fan submitted. Begun in 1994 by Shannon Appelcline who passed it to myself in 2000 and previously distributed via email, this is the newest incarnation of the Chaosium Digest. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

That is not Dead...

Fortunately it didn't take Strange Aeons for The Chaosium Digest to relaunch.

We're back in a new format and with an updated website. I'll be using the email list hosted by Chaosium to send out notices of when new posts go up but otherwise all new content will be presented here. Let's hope bringing The Chaosium Digest into the 21st century blogging phenomenon will grant us some new life and interest.

Over the coming weeks, I'll be updating the website and adding the best of the past content in easy to view and download format. I've had to zip the archives to save space and there's so much that I just mass compressed the whole lot. The issues could use a good indexing and I'll be slowly working on that as time permits, unless some enthusiastic soul would like to help out.

For those who might be new to The Chaosium Digest, welcome!

This is the newest incarnation of a formerly email publication dedicated to Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer and the other great games produced by Chaosium Inc. of California. The Chaosium Digest was started by Shannon Appel in 1994. In 2000, Shannon passed the role of Editor to myself, John W. Thompson of Indianapolis, IN -- the current home of Gen Con.

All content for the Digest is written by myself or submitted by fans like you. Articles such as adventures, how-to articles, character write-ups, product reviews and fan fiction have all appeared in past issues and I'll gladly accept any such submissions so long as they deal with current or past Chaosium games. All submissions remain the property of their authors and as such can and have been submitted to other publications. By submitting to The Chaosium Digest, you grant us the right to post your material here and on the website with whatever author attribution you provide us. By submitting, you affirm that all material is your original work unless otherwise properly noted in your submission and you grant the Editor of The Chaosium Digest the right to edit your submission for style, length and/or content as needed. Also, with the new format, artwork can now be accepted as well as text submissions. If you're interested in having your material published in The Chaosium Digest just send it in rich text format, text format or .jpg for artwork to

With your help, I'd like to get back to a monthly schedule but will be happy to maintain a quarterly schedule for the near future. The more submissions I receive from you readers, the more frequently I'll be able to provide you with new content. So, help a cultist out and send me something. You never know, it might get noticed and published for pay. Check out H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham which contains a scenario called The Books of Uncle Silas which first appeared in The Chaosium Digest!

Until next time, keep spreading the insanity!


Blogger Shannon Appelcline said...

Welcome back!

3:12 PM  
Blogger Shannon Appelcline said...

And on the topic of "published for pay"...

Two Pendragon supplements, "Tales of Chivalry and Romance" and "Tales of Magic and Miracles" are both full of adventures that were originally published in the Chaosium Digest.

3:14 PM  

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