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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Secrets of Los Angeles -- Review

The newest in Chaosium's "Secrets of" line is out. This time, we get to see Los Angeles in the Call of Cthulhu setting. This is a nice book with a fine layout and some great period photos for illustration. It covers the birth of Hollywood and the film industry and throws in a good bit of noir style that blends well with Lovecraft.

Included are stats for period celebreties such as Charley Chaplain, Will Rogers, Cecil B. DeMille, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Raymond Chandler. Over all, the book is has fine coverage of the history and geography of the City of Angels and its surrounding areas of interest. An Index, Bibliography and Chaosium's famous player handouts increase the utility of the book.

Should you happen to not be into the film noir styling of an L.A. campaign, there's still some utillity here. The book includes sections on Native California Myths and Magic, Mexican Brujeria and Chinese Magic which continue CoC 6's trend of showing how real magical traditions can be translated into Call of Cthulhu without everything magical being Mythos.

So just grab Secrets of Los Angeles, pop in The Maltese Falcon, and it's off to LA LA Land in Call of Cthulhu style!

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