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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chaosium Digest Classics: New Creatures for Elric!/Stormbringer

Chaosium Digest Classics: NEW CREATURES FOR ELRIC! by Patricio Gonzalez
Originally appearing in Chaosium Digest Volume 27, Number 7 on Sunday, February 14, 1999


The Sons of Grome are beings with humanoid form, smaller than the average human but with a stocky build. Their bodies are covered with pieces of rock and other minerals. Once, a long time ago, they were humans but unfortunately they found some strange caverns that extended through earth, deeper and deeper.In these caverns they found a yellow glowing mineral that gave off a feeling of power as well as light and heat. Soon, all the nearby human community settled there. The yellow mineral gave them the necessities of life and soon they stopped going to surface in search for food. After many years they became what they are now. They have an excellent ability to see in the dark but light causes them pain, so they go to the surface only at night or on very cloudy days.

STR 3D6+6 (16 - 17)
CON 3D6+6 (16 - 17)
SIZ 1D6+6 ( 9)
INT 1D4+3 ( 5)
POW 4D6 (14)
DEX 2D6+3 (10)
HP 13
Dam Bon +1D4

Armor: 5 pts of rock skin
Typical Weapon: Base Damage STR/DEX Hands
Rock Club 25% 1D8 13/7 2
This is a heavy rock club of about 1.4 meters long used two handed.

The Sons of Grome always attack in groups of around 10 sons, for fun, training or sheer rage.
Some times when attacking, the sons of Grome carry pieces of their yellow mineral with them giving them the following advantages: Double their attack percentage, pain resistance so that they battle to the last HP. Fortunately (for prey), the sons of Grome don't notice these advantages (maybe because of their INT) and so some times they don't carry their yellow mineral in combat. There's a 40% chance that a Sons of Grome patrol carries the mineral.

Every month, a celebration is held outside the caverns which lasts until daybreak. In these feasts mass quantities of meat is consumed, therefor almost every male goes hunting and prizes are given to those who bring the biggest or most difficult prey. Humans are considered the most valuable prey.

When exposed to light all their skills fall to half and CON drops at a rate of 1 pt every 5 rounds until they die.

The yellow mineral may be of interest to sorcerers. A hand sized piece grants 1 POW permanently if worn against skin for at least 1 month at which point it bonds permanantly to the wearer's body. This causes the sorcerer to lose 1 APP. A number of chunks equal to SIZE can be thusly bonded..


The Darthaks are chaotic creatures of great size and strength. They look like really big rhinos with a carapace and several horns growing on each side as well as its head. Its back ends in a long spiked tail. These creatures live in small groups on great savannas and live for hunting.

STR 3D8+16 (39 - 40)
CON 2D8+16 (25)
SIZ 3D8+24 (37 - 38)
INT ( 3)
POW 3D8 (13 - 14)
DEX 2D6 ( 7)

MOV 10
HP 31
Dam Bon +2D6
Armor: 10 pts of carapace except stomach.
Attacks % Damage
Horns 80 1D8+DB (if charging for half MOV)
Tail swipe 65 1D6+2+DB
Trampling NA 4D6 (no armor protection)

These humanoid creatures are powerful, intelligent and have great dominion over magic. In aspect they are as any other human but with longer faces. The Kaimars know any spell from the books except Summon BL/PL, summon elemental and others that involve higher powers. However they can summon demons at no POW cost.

Commonly the Kaimars live in abandoned castles or fortresses which soon become full of inhabitants, grimoires and demons. Each establishment has a ruler called 'The Prime Kaimon', followed by four 'Kaimons', which together decide the fate of their settlement. They use flying demons to communicate with other establishments and maintain their expanding influence.
Finally they have one chaotic ability which is regeneration. Treat this as demon's regeneration ability.

STR 2D8 ( 9)
CON 3D8 (13 - 14)
SIZ 3D6 (10 - 11)
INT 3D8 (13 - 14)
POW 4D8 (18)
DEX 2D8 ( 9)

HP 12
Dam Bon none
ARMOR: Regenerates 1 HP per round.

Normal weapons


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