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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chaosium Digest Classics: New Demons for Elric!/Stormbringer

by Scott Knowles, a.k.a. Delecti, Lord of the Upland Marsh
Originally appearing in The Chaosium Digest volume 27, number 7 on Sunday, February 14, 1999

Name: (Breed)
Skills: Own Plane 15, Summoner's Language (INTx2)
Magic Points to Summon:

Mindless Ones (Lesser Demons)
Source: Delecti
Description: These look like roughly shaped humanoid statues with a single facial feature, a glowing red horizontal slit where the eyes should be that emits a fiery red beam which will burn anything. These demons were accidentally summoned by a Pan Tangian apprentice in the Maluk Magic TrainingTemple. The demon broke loose and nearly killed several unprepared teachers. Luckily an "observing" fellow student was able to hold it off untill the teachers recovered. The summoner survived, and lived due to family pull in the temple. It was later found that when these are summoned, that there is a chance that more than one will come (% = the sacrifice's POW that 1d100 will appear) when summoned and that they will all be uncontrolled! These are thus best used to cause mayhem inthe area they are summoned, though the summoner had best have a getaway plan. They are summoned by sacrificing a living thing (thankfully for the Temple of Maluk a small lizard was the original sacrifice!)
STR 5d8 (22-23)
CON 9d8 (40-41)
SIZ 5d8 (22-23)
INT 1d8 (4 max)
POW 3d8 (13-14)
DEX 1d8 (4-5)

MOV 1d8 (max 4)
HP (31-32)
ARMOR Rock-Like Skin - 2d10 DB (+2d6)

Damage: Brawl - 1d3+2d6, Burn - 1d6+2
Abilities: Burn (80%, 1d6+2, 8 yard range), Carapace, Regeneration
Skills: Brawl 50%, Wrestle 35%, Understand Summoners Language(INTx2%).

Need: To destroy its SIZ of something everyday!
Magic Points to Summon: 45

Zzz'Zzas aka Swarm Demons (Lesser Demons)
Source: Delecti
Description: A cloud of flying demonic bugs. These are from the realmof Vezhan, Lord of Wings.
STR 1d8 (4-5)
CON 10d8 (45)
SIZ 5d8 (22-23)
INT 1d8 (4-5)
POW 3d8(13-14)
DEX 4d8 (18)

MOV 2d8 flying (max 14)
HP (34)
Damage: 1d8

Abilities: Locusts (Auto. hit, 1d8 per round, Only magic attacks dodamage)
Skills: Dodge (DEXx2+40%), Own Plane 15%, Summoner's Language (INTx2%)

Need: To sting something to death once a week.
Magic Points to Summon: 40

Ar'Mokk (Lesser Demon)
Source: Delecti

Description: Black Pan Tangian Plate that occasionally seems to have ripples flow across it. This is the basic armor bound demon, commonly used by Pan Tangian nobles in their plate. Armor points are thus 3d8+1d10 (+1 w/helm). These are too stupid too have skills of worth.
INT 1D8 (4-5)
POW 3D8 (13-14)
Abilities: Demon Armor (1d10+1d8), Regenerate (basically keeps itlooking new)
Need: To be cleaned weekly.
Magic Points to Summon: 16

Spl'Therkll aka Mirror of Spying
Source: Delecti
Description: A mirror of varying size depending upon the use, it must have bone and silver on its frame and the mirror must be made of silvered glass. It will usually have a demon head with either red jewels or glass for eyes on the top facing back (so you can look at it while you point it in the direction you want to spy on). The smaller mirrors can be hand held so they can be taken about. The larger ones should be put on the top of a high watch tower so the mirror can see better. These were originally used by Pan Tangians, but they got the idea from the Melnibonean's Great Mirrors of Enchantment. To summon, one must burn an eye, ear and tongue of a sentient along with some common herbs. Note that they must be whole and in good/fresh condition.
CON 4d8 (18)
INT 3d8 (13-14)
POW 3d8 (13-14)
Abilities: See (CONx5%), Hear (CONx5%), Extra Eyes (allows it to look around), Empathy (for a better understanding of who you are spying on), Exhale (special, allows demon to show it's holder what it sees as it happens, but only on the mirrored area), Emote (for full sound quality, but again only what it shows through the mirror).
Skills: Own Plane 15%, Summoner's Language (INTx2%)
Need: To be polished with oils weekly.
Magic Points to Summon: 25

Pp'zarp aka Power Staff (Lesser Demon)
Source: Delecti
Description: A finely made staff bound and balanced like a quarterstaff. It is made of a wood found in chaotic places (i.e.Troos) and the demon is summoned with incense made from plants not of the YK plane.
INT 1D8 (4-5)
POW 3D8 (13-14)
HP 20+2d10
Damage: 1d8+2d10
Abilities: Regenerate, Demon Weapon (2d10), Telekinesis.
Skills: Not smart enough
Need: Rubbed with dirt daily.
Magic Points to Summon: 27

Dhm'Krank (Lesser Demons)
Source: Delecti
Description: A finely made greatsword patterned after The Two Black Swords, they appear to be made of black metal. A once "common" sword among greatsword wielding Melniboneans. With the retreat of theBright Empire to the Dreaming Isle they fell into disuse though some that were family heirlooms are possibly still around, as they tended to be eternally bound.
INT 1d8 (4-5)
POW 3d8 (13-14)
HP 18+2d10
Damage: 2d8+2d10+db
Abilities: Demon Weapon (2d10), Regenerate (keeps them looking new andintact)
Skills: Too stupid to have any of importance.
Need: Usually to draw blood once unsheathed.
Magic Points to Summon: 17

Morgant'Krank (Greater Demons)
Source: Delecti
Description: A finely made greatsword patterned after The Two BlackSwords, they appear to be made of black metal. The sword moans in combat as it drains souls. Only eight (i.e. 8 arrows of chaos) of these rarer versions of the Dhm'Krank greatswords were made for members of the Melnibonean royalty who were to fight alongside the wielders of The Two Black Swords. Though not many of these were made, their nature and eternal bindings have kept some of them in existence.
CON 8d8 (36)
INT 4d8 (18)
POW 5d8 (22-23)
DEX 8d8 (36)
HP 18+3d10 + more from drained souls
Damage: 2d8+3d10+db
Abilities: Demon Weapon (3d10), Drain Soul (of course), Regenerate(keeps them looking new and intact), Paralyze.
Skills: High Speech (*), Menibonean History (*), Others (*).
* Would be pretty high by now.
Need: To drain a soul once unsheathed.
Magic Points to Summon: 60

Pop'tchkt (Orbus Breed)
Description: Basically an object bound demon which is the size of an eyeball. It must me made of a reddish glass or crystalline substance which glows softly once the demon is bound in it. It must be placed in one of the binder's eyesockets and will enable the binder to use all the demon's abilities only while uncovered (i.e. the eye is open)
CON 5d8 (22-23)
INT 1d8 (4-5)
POW 3d8 (13-14)
Abilities: See (CONx5%), Soul Sight (150 yards), Seer 75% (10 years),Empathy.
Needs: To look at the world each day (i.e. not remain covered up allthe time!), and drain a miniscule amount of blood from the caster (noreal effect except once in a great while a blood tear may form).
Skills: The Orbus demons are not intelligent enough to really think,thus the need to see is just in their nature and they can'tcommunicate enough for skills to matter.
Magic Points to Summon: 35

P'orrrtas aka Teleport Demons (lesser Demons)
Source: Delecti
Description: These large sickly green gaseous clouds are almost never bound into objects, but are used as one-time transports. These demons have been used by sorcerers from this plane for thousands of years, they possibly transported troops of the BrightEmpire to Menastree. So the knowledge of them is pretty widespread,and so is their knowledge of the Young Kingdoms plane in regards to landmarks. The Demons require a sacrifice of a number of living things which have a total POW equal to the SIZ teleported, so that does inhibit the use of them a bit (Pan Tang has used them to do long range boarding from their ships). It is believed that they regain the CON used in this way. They usually stay dematerialized until they attack or teleport.
STR 7d8
CON 2d8
SIZ 7d8
INT 4d8
POW 3d8
DEX 1d8
MOV 1d8 float
HP 41 average
ARMOR none
DB +3d6 average
Damage: 1d8+DB twice
Abilities: Claws (2x, 60, 1d8+DB), Teleport, Dematerialize.Skills: Own Plane 15, Summoner's Language (INTx2), YoungKingdoms (primarily near larger cities) 80, Unknown Kingdoms (MostlyPhum) 70.
Need: Since they are not bound, they only require the sacrifice.Magic Points to Summon: 71

Z'rtra aka Cat-Guard Collar
Description: A small well made leather collar with spikes made of sharpened Wyrm bone. Common sorcery herbs are needed to summon it along with a sacrifice of a large dog.
STR 8d8
CON 10d8
INT 3d8
POW 3d8
Abilities: Absorb Missile (98), Teleport.
Skills: Own Plane 15, High Speech 26
Need: Rubbed with herbs (cat-nip) daily.
Magic Points to Summon: 44

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