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The Chaosium Digest supports the role-playing games produced by Chaosium Inc. and all content is fan submitted. Begun in 1994 by Shannon Appelcline who passed it to myself in 2000 and previously distributed via email, this is the newest incarnation of the Chaosium Digest. Enjoy!

Monday, December 04, 2006

More from the Founder

The Chaosium Digest's founder, Shannon Appelcline has some more items of interest for us.

Shannon's history of Green Knight, former publishers of Pendragon:

The history of Issaries Inc.:

Pagan Publishing, producers of Delta Green:

And an article discussing the various companies connected to Chaosium in one form or another:

Chaosium products in Shannon's newRPGnet Gaming Index:

And this is a ranked listing, from best to worst according to RPGnet ratings thus far:

Shannon would also like to encourage Chaosium folks to create an RPGnet forums account if they don't already have one, to help rate the Chaosium items and really nail down the best of the best and the worst as well.


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